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 The Golden Rule, to treat others as you want to be treated,   APR-JUN 2021
 is a simple one. Its practice is more complicated in this   VOL. 21
 complex world. Morality is a critical issue and a fluid one   ISSUE 02
 that changes across people and over time. To gain a better   NO. 62
 understanding, we reached out to various experts to get
 diverse perspectives. We thank them for taking the time to
 write and are most grateful for their personal insights and   FRONT COVER ART: NICOLA ROOS
 invaluable advice. We hope you will benefit from their views   BACK COVER ART: ERSI LARAS HIDAYAH
 to shape your own moral compass for probity and direction.

 These challenging COVID times call upon us to be creative
 and empathic. We foster these qualities that make us human
 at the World Children’s Festival (WCF) held at the National
 Mall in Washington, DC.  The 6th WCF is scheduled for this
 July 30th – August 1st right across from the US Capitol.   Art, like
 Whether to hold it or postpone it is not a moral question. The
 participants’ safety is paramount. We hope that COVID-19   morality,
 recedes and you too can attend. Some decisions transcend
 one’s control, but moral decisions never do.
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