Intern, Volunteer or Spokesperson


The International Child Art Foundation is a mostly volunteer run charity that provides creative education to children around the world. Expertise and skillsets of volunteers help advance the mission and work of the ICAF. If you are an exceptional designer, editor, programmer, writer or a marketing, media, PR or IT professional, please email or call us and let us know where you are based and how many hours a week you can volunteer.


At its office near the Kennedy Center in Washington, the ICAF offers unpaid internships around the year to outstanding university students. During the fall and spring semesters, part-time intern work one or two full days a week. Full time interns work between 35 and 40 hours a week. An intern's responsibilities may include fundraising, marketing of ChildArt magazine, promotion of the Arts Olympiad to schools, social media, and writing and research. Please send us a brief email on your academic background, previous work experiences, interests and skills, and start and end dates of your internship.


Children's creative development is the seed-bed for invention, innovation and sustainable prosperity. When arts education is threatened - as is the case at present in many communities - creative individuals can serve as the ICAF Spokespersons to advocate for children and our country's future. Well-known artists, authors, inventors and creative corporate executives who are dedicated to nurturing the creativity and imagination of the next generation can email or phone the ICAF for copy of the Spokesperson Charter to review.

Intern Reports

Mike Dempsey, Wake Forest University, Summer 2012

Karmel Wong, Duke University, Summer 2007