Staff and Volunteers

The ICAF's day-to-day operations are run by a small dedicated team which is supported by wonderful volunteers and amazing interns. The ICAF also has volunteers in other states and several countries across the globe.
    Key Team Members
    • Ngozi Amaechi, Researcher
    • Faith Antonioni, Communications Officer
    • Yuxuan Chen, ICAF Representative in Beijing
    • Lauren Davis, Social Media Officer
    • Katty Guerami, Development Director
    • Boladele Ibitola, Esq., Legal Advisor
    • Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq, Executive Chairman
    • Melanie Lontsi, Webmaster
    • Linda Macri, Editor
    • Monica Meneses, Program Officer
    • Quyen Nguyen, Researcher
    • Nollan O'Reilly, Program Officer
    Creative Team
    • Karen Deans, Designer
    • Tracey Silcox, Creative Director
    • Shannon Smith, Senior Advisor
    Guest Editors, ChildArt magazine
    • Shakil Ahmed
    • Brian Blundell
    • Richard Clar
    • Sudhir Desai
    • Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
    • Susan Magsamen
    • Kate Smith
    • Doris Wells-Papanek

Photos: The ICAF staff, interns, and volunteers

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