The 6th Arts Olympiad

6th Arts Olympiad

The Arts Olympiad, launched in 1997, has grown into the world's largest art program for children. The 6th Arts Olympiad (2017-2020) will commence in mid-2017. The Arts Olympiad has a four-year cycle like the Olympics:

October 2017 / May 2018 - School-based Intervention

Objective: To foster creativity and empathy in students by changing their self-image and metaphor.

Assumption: Art and sport can unite the athletically-inclined and the artistically-inclined students in a typical classroom, where young athletes face the risk of the “4th-grade slump” in creativity while non-athletes face the risk of obesity.

Lesson Plan: To awaken the "inner artist" and "inner athlete” in students by introducing them to the "Artist-Athlete Ideal" of the creative mind and healthy body—mens sana in corpore sano.

Expected Outcome: The self-image as Artist-Athlete solidifies when students render it into personal works of art, transforming the class, which is now comprised of creative-empathic Artist-Athletes.

August - December 2018 - Community Mobilization

Objective: It is necessary that every community celebrates its children's creativity and helps nurture their empathy.

Assumption: Once empowered as creators by their community, the young to mobilize as change-makers and peace-builders.

Intervention: Exhibition of Arts Olympiad works from area schools, where local cultural, business and educational leaders serve as judges to select the most outstanding works.

Expected Outcome: Communities start to rally behind the children as architects of a brighter future.

June 2019 - World Children's Festival

Objective: A global community setting in needed to impart education and training for the development of cross-cultural empathy as an example for the whole world.

Assumption: Children can bring the human race together to celebrate "Creativity, Diversity, and Unity".

World Children’s Festival: At this "Olympics" of children's imagination held every four years, the Arts Olympiad winners enhance interpersonal skills and receive leadership training before they collaboratively produce the Children’s Earth Flag℠ for the first human mission to Mars.

Expected Outcome: A transformative experience that inspires children to initiate positive social change in their communities, countries, and the world at large.

April/July 2020 - Global Awareness

Objective: Make creativity and empathy development integral to education worldwide.

Assumption: Global conversations on the critical importance of creativity and empathy can excite teachers and parents to take action to reform education.

Traveling Exhibition: Comprised of Children’s Earth Flag℠ and the Arts Olympiad masterpieces, the exhibition takes place in several host cities and culminates in Tokyo to celebrate the 2020 Olympics, demonstrating how art and sport can unite the world.

Expected Outcome: The development of creativity and empathy recognized as building blocks for collaborative innovation necessary for sustainable prosperity and peace.


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