The ICAF is a trusted intermediary that has helped global companies reach out to children, their parents, and teachers. We help businesses in the following ways:

  • a) Workshops: Foster employees creativity by awakening their “inner child”—curious, creative, connected, courageous.
  • b) Focus groups: Organize virtual focus groups involving children from around the world.
  • c) New Products: Testing of new products by children or parents for their emotional reactions and objective opinion.
  • d) Licensing: As the world leader in children’s art, licensing of art images for products.
  • e) Exhibitions: Bring children’s voices and imagination to conferences and shareholders meetings.
  • f) Cause-marketing: Help design and execute effective cause-marketing campaigns.

Our main assets are as follows:

  • The Arts Olympiad, which has grown since 1997 into the world's largest art program for students ages 8 to 12. The United States Olympic Committee has granted us an exclusive license to use 'Arts Olympiad' and related marks.
  • The World Children's Festival which we produce every four years on The National Mall as the "Olympics" of children's imagination.
  • A global network of partner organizations and creative children, a few of whom are members of the ICAF Youth Board.
  • The World Children's Award which children confer on the world's creative and empathic companies.

Great companies such as Faber-Castell, Hilton, Hearts, LEGO, Madewell, S.C. Johnson, Safilo, Simpson Door, Swatch, Tiffany & Company, Wacom, and Yahoo! have worked with us and some are currently supporting our work.

Please contact us today so we can discuss your ideas and brainstorm.

Cause-marketing and branding examples:

BlueDog Print   Kinder Grusse   ICAF CFK   Denim Art Show   Oxydo