Welcome to the ICAF, your arts and creativity organization.

Art is a discipline that offers many benefits and foremost is how the arts grow your imagination. Through imagination, you generate ideas, and ideas are the engine of today's global economy. The arts also foster creativity through experimentation and identification of feasible ideas. You live in the creative age. By embracing creativity, you can embark on a journey to create and innovate.

When you embrace empathy, you begin to see others not as competitors or enemies, but colleagues with whom you can collaborate.

The ICAF is your fellow traveler, with many exciting things to offer:

  • If you are between the ages 8-12, you can participate in the 6th Arts Olympiad in 2020/2021. Let your teacher know. The program is free of charge and it will introduce you to the Artist-Athlete Ideal of the creative mind and healthy body.
  • Global education is becoming increasingly important. One way to learn about other cultures is by examining the art produced by children around the world. You will see some amazing works in our gallery.
  • Every four years, we produce the World Children's Festival, free and open to the public, for you as your "Olympics." We encourage you to participate in the WCF 2021. Here's a YouTube clip on our previous festival's music program.
  • Please support the ICAF. You should also consider organizing a small fundraising event in your school. Maybe auction your own art or do something creative to help the ICAF expand its Arts Olympiad, produce the WCF, and print the ChildArt magazine. Creative individuals like you can help nurture the creativity of all your peers around the globe.

Here's your creativity manifesto (531Kb pdf for download)

Free coloring book "Get Healthy with Harmony" (6Mb pdf for download)