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The ICAF endorses these products for children’s creative development:
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Creativity for kids Creativity for kids

Children's Art
You can order a print of any artwork which you can view online at… Since the art will be printed for you, the price depends upon your size specs, etc. and the quantity ordered. email us...

“Art from the ICAF makes the world big and small at the same time. Seeing images created by children helps our patients and their families feel comfortable in the hospital. A hospital can be a big and scary place; children’s drawings from the the ICAF make it less so.”
Mary Bergs, MSSW, BFA
Art and Design
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Commissioned Art
To commission a masterpiece by children on a theme or subject you specify, please email us…

Art and Photo licensing
Art and photo licensing fee depend on what the image is used for and the number of impressions you made. Email us…

Consulting Services
Businesses and organizations can benefit from the ICAF's more than sixteen years of experience and unique expertise in developing and executing program and events for childrens. Click for more information…

ChildArt Magazine
An exceptional publication since 1998 to inspire and nurture creativity. Click for more information…