Your help to foster children’s creativity and imbue it with empathy can result in sustainable prosperity and peace. Your donation will be used to expand the 6th Arts Olympiad to underserved children who lack creative outlets.

Please write your check to "International Child Art Foundation" and mail it to:

ICAF, P.O. Box 58133, Washington, DC 20037

Please WRITE the donation amount first, then click the "Donate" button

You can support the ICAF when you purchase from Amazon or eBay.

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Help us bring about a children’s revolution which considers children as creators, not only as pupils or consumers; treats their imagination as the seedbed for discovery and innovation; and values their art as the most honest and purest form of human creative expression.

You can promote the free-of-charge Arts Olympiad in your neighborhood schools; subscribe to the amazing ChildArt magazine; host an interactive arts exhibition at your major event or conference; help bring the human race together at the 2019 World Children’s Festival to celebrate Creativity, Diversity, and Unity; and choose the ICAF, which is now ranked among the 25 Top Children’s Charities, as your favorite charity.

Over the past twenty years, over five million 8- to 12-year-old children worldwide have benefited from our programs and have produced original artworks. But the world population of the 8-12 age group is about 660 million. Please help us grow our work to paint a brighter future for the children.

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