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Please write your check to "International Child Art Foundation" and mail it to:

ICAF, P.O. Box 58133, Washington, DC 20037

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Consider this. If the ICAF did not exist, there would be:

a) No national arts organization to foster our children's creativity.
b) No international arts organization to develop empathy.
c) No Arts Olympiad in our schools.
d) No "Artist-Athlete Ideal" of the creative mind and healthy body, which students can embrace.
e) No ChildArt magazine, which brings fresh perspectives and cutting-edge information.
f) No STEAMS Education to integrate the arts ("A") and sport ("S") with STEM disciplines.
g) No World Children's Festival

These accomplishments must not just endure but grow and can with your support.

The ICAF’s Theory of Positive Change

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