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ChildArt is a unique family magazine published quarterly since 1998 without a single commercial advertisement. Each quarter the magazine focuses on an important theme to nurture creativity and foster global understanding.

ChildArt is an extraordinary channel for our creative leaders to directly address the next generation and for children to learn from these leaders lifelong experiences and expertise. Written expressly for 10 to 12 year olds, ChildArt helps parents and teachers nurture creativity and empathy for a better world. The magazine's powerful visuals and design makes it fun reading for creative people of all ages.

ChildArt promotes STEAMS education where A for the arts and S for sports (and play) are integrated into STEM disciplinesfor childrens holistic education.

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Upcoming ChildArt Themes:

Jan - Mar 2012: Water
To celebrate the World Water Day on March 22, 2012, learn about this critical resource from water issues expert Stephen Solomon and American Water Company. See the amazing marine art of Wyland and learn how to conduct your own research on your water supply.

Apr - June 2012: Creativity& Innovation
Creativity is the engine of innovation. What better way to learn how to nurture creativity than directly from some of our most creative leaders, inventors, and innovators:

  • Count Anton von Faber-Castell, Chairman, Faber-Castell
  • Dr. Vinton Cerf, co-inventor of the Internet and Vice President, Google
  • Mr. Dan Wieden, cofounder of Wieden+Kennedy
  • Mr. Antonio Patric Buchanan, CEO, tbgWorldwide
  • Mr. David Croslin, author, "Innovate the Future"
  • Ms. Krisztina Holly, executive director of Stevens Institute on Innovation and vice provost at USC
  • Dr. Jonathan Feinstein, Yale School of Management
  • Phyllis Brody, co-founder of Creativity for Kid
  • Dr. Cyndi Burnett, International Center for Studies in Creativity
  • Mr. Karim Rashid, design legend
  • July - Sept 2012: Animal Art
    The art that children make about animals is amazing and the art that animals paint is astonishing. Learn about the emotional connection between children and animals and what you can do to save the endangered species.

    Oct - Dec 2012: Video Games and Online Experience
    Learn about educational games from lead designers and companies like Microsoft Research.

    "Not only is this professionally-produced magazine both visually and intellectually engaging in content and design, it offers a cogent reminder of art's central role in linking world cultures, each to each. For its polycultural outlook and special focus, ChildArt is unique among magazines for children, but readers of any age will find it a rewarding way to broaden their cultural horizons.
    - John Peters, Supervising Librarian, Central Children's Room, The New York Public Library

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