Join the Creativity Revolution!

"Creativity is not just an epiphany, a moment of "ah-ha" or "eureka." It is a continuous process, beginning even before the conscious birth of an idea. Besides generating the new idea, we must shepherd it from a mental construct into a tangible entity, something that exists in reality. For some this is enough. But if we feel a drive to produce something useful to others, we might engineer the idea into an innovation, be it a product or a service. And if we are particularly committed, creativity continues as we entrepreneurially deliver our innovation to those in need at a price they can afford. All these are steps that constitute our creative process. Such processes collectively become a revolution when a critical mass embraces an extended commitment to creativity, feeding off the flow of innovation, building cultural momentum as each becomes inspired to create at a rate and with a novelty that could otherwise not be done alone."

- Ashfaq Ishaq (2013). The Creativity Revolution

A nascent explosion of ideas and imagination is already upon us, fostered by our youth. When in full bloom, the creativity revolution will transform our economy and give culture a new face. Our schools will rise as creative enclaves, our workplaces as creative clusters, our main streets as creative communities. You cannot prevent this revolution, but you can help shape it.

Here are ten best things that you can do:

  • You can help promote creative education for children, which includes education through the arts.

  • You can subscribe to ChildArt magazine for your favorite child or neighborhood library.

  • You can impress on others that children's imagination is social capital and that their art should be promoted and respected as masterpieces.

  • You can advocate that every contemporary art museum have a room dedicated to child art.

  • You can host an ICAF children's art exhibition in your city or at your workplace.

  • You can demand that the next conference you attend has a children's panel (which the ICAF can arrange).

  • You can choose the ICAF as your charity and make a donation today.

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