International Child Art Exhibitions

International Child Art Exhibitions

Children are adept in encapsulating their imagination in a work of art. Their brushstrokes can create a realm independent of the adult world. Their perspective is pure and honest. Their creative expressions can familiarize you with the nascent imagination that will shape the future. To sponsor an inspirational exhibition in your hometown or corporate headquarters, please contact us.


The ICAF Exhibitions since 1998

The ICAF is a world leader in international children’s art exhibitions. The ICAF has held exhibitions at a White House event, the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, World Cultural Economic Forum, Education Without Borders, Global Competitiveness Forum, Global Summit on Childhood and the United Nations.

The ICAF has held exhibitions in Cambridge (MA), Daphne (AL), Huntington Beach (CA), New Orleans (LA), New York (New York), and University Park (PA). Internationally, the ICAF has held exhibitions in Basel (Switzerland), Cairo (Egypt), Daegu (Korea), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (UAE), Lisbon (Portugal), Windsor (UK), Munich (Germany), Kanazawa (Japan), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Turin (Italy).

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