Why the ICAF?

You already know that the ice caps are melting and the seas are rising. One in five American children sleeps hungry at night while nearly one-half of food supplies get wasted between farm and fork. More than half a million Americans are homeless, while billionaires become zillionaires. Over a billion humans worldwide lack access to clean water and defecate daily in the open, while up to 15,000 nuclear warheads await the push of a button.

COVID-19 forced the entire world into lockdowns that exposed our vulnerabilities, our leaders’ frailties, and our institutions’ weaknesses. We need strong and healthy communities, better governance, and more harmony worldwide.

To bring about a transformation, would you begin at the UN, the US Capitol, or perhaps at the grassroots, involving individuals? What uniquely human characteristics would you draw upon? Consider creativity, that makes us human, and empathy, that makes us humane.

ICAF fosters children’s creativity and infuses it with empathy. On its own, creativity is morally neutral; it can just as easily be channeled to destroy, rather than to create. For creativity to be a force for good, it must be infused with empathy. ICAF inspires the young to become creative-empaths, ready to work together for innovative solutions and collaborative innovations.

Why do we use the arts?
The concepts of creativity and empathy are rooted in the arts. Children can imagine the unimaginable and paint it. Mural-making can limn their collective imagination and scaffold empathy. Art is a universal language that crosses borders and boundaries.

What do we do?
We organize the Arts Olympiad, publish the ChildArt quarterly, and produce the World Children’s Festival. By fostering children’s creativity and developing their empathy, we fulfill six of the Social Development Goals (SGDs) of the 2030 UN agenda. We bring quality education, promote good health, ensure gender equality, reduce inequities, eradicate poverty, and build peace in communities and the world at large.

Why can you do?
- any 8- to 12-year-old you know can participate in the Arts Olympiad.
- you can subscribe to ChildArt quarterly or offer it as a meaningful and memorable gift.
- you are invited to witness the excitement and impact of ICAF at the World Children’s Festival.
- join ICAF on social media to promote the Creativity-Empathy Revolution.
- support a brighter future for the children by making a donation today to ICAF.

Who funds ICAF?
Since the creative empathic development of children who are disadvantaged is essential for national prosperity and peace, we never charge any service fee to schools or students. Conscientious and prescient businesses and private foundations support ICAF’s work. Creative-empaths like you ensure that ICAF keeps working for the children through your monthly donation.

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