While many emergencies and crises beset our world, the underlying cause of our most intractable challenges and tragic conflicts is often a sheer lack of creativity or empathy.

Hope for humanity arises from creativity (which can be learned) and from empathy (which can be taught). Civilizational advancement requires fostering creativity and developing empathy in schoolchildren—before they lose both.

We employ the powers of art and sport to grow ideation and team spirit in schools through our Arts Olympiad, a free program. We develop intercultural and intra-cultural empathy at the World Children’s Festival, held on The National Mall and free and open to the public.

Your donation today will help expand the 6th Arts Olympiad to disadvantaged students who lack creative outlets and support the planning of the 6th World Children’s Festival as a global celebration of creativity, diversity, and unity in our nation’s capital.

Together, we can make the next generation far more worthy of this lonesome planet—a pale blue dot in the universe.

Nov 14, 2017 – Congratulations to our board members Mr. Sergey Eylanbekov and Ms. Lisa Russell

Nov 11, 2017 – ChildArt quarterly reviewed in Leonardo

Oct 22, 2017 – To celebrate National Color Day, see preview of ChildArt quarterly on the theme Color

Oct 18, 2017 – 6th Arts Olympiad launched! Participate in the world’s largest art program for students’ creative and empathic development at no charge

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