Creativity and empathy are key attributes of successful learners and leaders. Creativity fuels discovery, originality and invention while empathy brings mutuality, compromise and collaborative innovation. The development of creativity and empathy is thus a precondition for prosperity and peace.

This development must start early because of the right of the child to be creative and empathetic—free from the pervasive “4th-grade slump” in creativity and sectarian tensions that muddy their “mirror neurons” responsible for empathy. The arts can foster creativity and empathy since both are rooted in the arts—children’s universal language.

Here at ICAF we plant the seeds of freedom by fostering critical creative thinking and developing mutual empathy. We serve American children as their national arts organization and their peers worldwide as the international arts organization. Our national or global programs and world festivals are free-of-charge and our ChildArt magazine is free of commercial advertisements.

You can help democratize creativity and develop empathy universally with your donation today.

February 05, 2019 – All-China Women's Federation, the official leader of women's movement in PRC, features the world festival in its magazine (see pages 56-57)

January 29, 2019 – Through the Arts Olympiad students in New York make interconnections between health, art, and sport for their holistic development

January 15, 2019 – Government shutdown pushes the 6th World Children's Festival to July 2020

Our Theory of Positive Social Change

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