We serve American children as their national arts organization and the world’s children as their international arts organization. Join us to democratize creativity and develop empathy universally through the arts. Together, we can beautify our lonesome planet—a pale blue dot in the universe.

Children aged 8 to 12 can participate free-of-charge in our 6th Arts Olympiad this year. Your family can come attend the 6th World Children’s Festival in June 2019 on The National Mall. Young readers can learn to become more creative with our ad-free ChildArt quarterly.

Founded in 1997, the ICAF is independently ranked among the 25 Top children’s charities in the United States. The ICAF has pioneered STEAMS Education to integrate STEM disciplines with Art and Sport for children’s holistic development. The U.S. Olympic Committee has granted the ICAF an exclusive license to use the ‘Arts Olympiad’ mark. As a leader in cultural diplomacy, the ICAF engages and wins over the world’s children.

Your donation will help expand our outreach to children who lack creative outlets and support them plan their world festival as a global celebration of creativity, diversity, and unity in our nation’s capital.

Feb 26, 2018 – Campaign launched for the 6th Arts Olympiad to grow empathy and creativity across the U.S. and around the world

Nov 14, 2017 – Congratulations to our board members Mr. Sergey Eylanbekov and Ms. Lisa Russell

Nov 11, 2017 – ChildArt quarterly reviewed in Leonardo

Oct 22, 2017 – To celebrate National Color Day, see preview of ChildArt quarterly on the theme Color

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