Welcome to the world of children and of the future.

The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) serves American children as their national arts and creativity organization that employs the arts to build bonds of understanding between them and their peers around the world.

Incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1997, the ICAF organizes the Arts Olympiad globally, produces the World Children's Festival quadrennially, publishes the ChildArt magazine quarterly, and conducts Healing Arts and Peace through Art Programs occasionally. Today the ICAF is independently ranked among the 25 Top Children’s Charities in the United States.

Instead of a future riven with violence and conflict, you can brighten it by helping the ICAF nurture children's creativity and imbue it with empathy through the arts. Creativity and empathy are key attributes of successful learners and leaders. Only the creative and empathic development of the next generation can bring sustainable prosperity and lasting peace. The future awaits you.

November 3, 2015 -The "Christmas with Orphans" Winter 2015 Camp announced

October 7, 2015 -UGallery partners with the ICAF to promote children's art

July 16, 2015 -The World Children’s Festival brings a rare double-rainbow to The Ellipse

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You could donate through JustGive.org or simply mail your check to "ICAF". Your contribution is tax-deductible.

You can support the ICAF when you purchase from Amazon or eBay.

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World Children's Festival

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