Mission: To cultivate schoolchildren’s creativity for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and grow mutual empathy for “a more perfect union” through the power of the arts.

Vision: Since creativity animates capitalism and empathy cradles democracy, inspire the young to become “creative-empaths”—future leaders who can transform this wounded world into a wondrous one.

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- Parents and librarians can subscribe to the ChildArt quarterly for global competencies and emotional intelligence.

- Professionals can apply to volunteer and students can apply to intern at ICAF.

- Businesses can host child art exhibition to awaken employees’ “inner child” and foster collaborative innovation.

- Corporations can leverage our 24 years of experience in developing mutual empathy to enhance workforce performance.


August 7, 2022 - ICAF wants the United Nations to bring children to the center of the UN Human Security for All campaign because children are the future, and their security is paramount

April 5, 2022 - See children’s perspectives on the United Nations “Human Security” approach

January 11, 2022 - Create the Future: Peruse the overview of the current ChildArt magazine on Creativity and learn the perspectives of Taiwan’s Audrey Tang, Microsoft’s Dr. Glen Weyl, Adobe’s Govind Balakrishnan, Google’s Abigail Posner, and several prominent researchers and practitioners

Learn about our theory of change (2 min)

Incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) organization, ICAF serves American children as their national arts organization and the world’s children as their global arts organization.

Children need your help to engage in the arts, and they deserve your support to become more creative and empathic.

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ICAF is independently ranked as one of the 25 Top Children’s Charities in the United States.